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Breathing for Confidence It’s really important to stay on relaxed breathing when nerves set in at the audition or performance. If you go into upper chest breathing, you get an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide which makes you feel dizzy, nervous, sound unconfident and stops you thinking clearly. That’s why it’s called a ‘fight […]

The business of acting doesn’t lend itself comfortably to words or explanations. Acting is doing. I worked with a very famous, very cruel director once when I was an actor. But he did have one saying of great wisdom. ‘Don’t talk about it. Do it,’ he’d  snarl. But of course, us actors love talking – […]

Yes – we all get frown lines eventually. And it is normal to frown. But frowning is a solo activity – by that I mean that it is when we engage with ourselves and not with other people. We frown when we are thinking, remembering in order to be precise, concentrating, squinting to see clearly, […]

Words are enormous!  In life, we dig into our storehouse of memory, choose our words carefully, censor them, find new ones, then add another.  We weigh our thoughts up against a visual, kinaesthetic or auditory memory, remember how we felt about it, and finally invest the words to describe it with enough vigour for the […]

Directors and Actors Sharing a Language Directors are busy, harassed, stressed-out people. The buck stops here. This is true for all directors, but especially so for screen directors. They may have to get 30 minutes of screen time in the day. Or maybe only a minute and a half, but it involves a helicopter shot […]

    1.  Like Yourself Turn off that picture of yourself at the front of your head of you as: too young/old/plain/fat/silly/boring/daft… 2. Believe you can do it. Keep hope, optimism,courage, confidence. 3. Keep Networking. Make that showreel. Keep writing letters. Talk to people. Join the Actors Centre etc. 3. Trust your Instincts. Follow direction […]