New Year Dust Off…

Time for those resolutions…

Instead – think of it as dusting off the cobwebs and letting in the sparkle…

Some quick thoughts for basking in that sunshine that will grow brighter as the weeks go by:

1. Step out of your own shadow. Allow yourself to believe that you are worthy of doing what you want to do. Face the spectre of failure and exorcise it. What is the worst that can happen? Probably that you are back in the same place as you are now. If you are very successful,  you may drop back a rung and then climb higher. (Think how many pieces of artistic work are met with indifference or scorn at the time and lauded later…) If not – what have you got to lose?

(see my blog: Confidence tricks: Mind & Body)

2. Polish up your product. If you are an actor – that product is yourself. Go to workshops that help you grow or expand your knowledge. Remember your warmups. Great actors, directors, writers, artists go on learning, improving, practising. Never stop learning. But get out there and do it too. You’ll always feel unready…jump!

(see my blog: The Eclectic Actor)

3. Keep your shininess – let your work reflect your extraordinary inner self, your imagination, your humour, your brave choices. Don’t play safe – but play intelligently. Put in the ammunition you need to make you trust in your work.

(see my blog: Text: The Unnatural Act)

4. Put in some elbow grease. Work at unlocking that script, checking references, seeing plays, films, art, dance and anything else you can find – good and bad. Solve any technical issues that stand in your way.

5. Turn the light on technology. Know how to shoot a good casting tape. Find out how to light a show. Understand enough to respect the technicians you work with. Explore anything that will help your work grow.

(see my blog: Quick Thoughts on Self-taping and Showreels)

6. Spread the tinsel around town. Meet people, write to casting directors, agents, publishers and anyone you can think of. You have to go out to them – they won’t come to you.

7. Notice the sunshine outside yourself. Have fun. Don’t make success or failure drive you. You are important to people in your own life. And your out-of-work life is just as important than your in-work life – probably much more so.

(see my blog: fame and Fortune: be a Legend in your own Lunchtime)

Finally – Have fun being your own glitter-ball in 2015.


(Mel’s books – available in paperback & ebook: ‘Acting for Film:Truth 24 Times a Second’ Virgin Books/Random House & ‘A Screen Acting Workshop + DVD’ (ebook has DVD via Vimeo) Nick Hern Books)

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