Mel offers Skype coaching if it is not possible to meet face to face.


It has taken me a long time to feel that this is a viable option, but with advances in technology and reports back from actors that it has been worthwhile and valuable to them, I have decided to add this type of coaching to my one-to-one options. It means that now I can help actors in other countries or within a shorter time frame.


Currently, slots are available on Thursday late afternoons and Friday mornings UK time, but in a real emergency I’ll see what I can do:)

Skype can be used for help with preparing a difficult role, working on a scene, using British English or as an assessment tool to help with audition problems.


It is best when used for a specific project rather than as a general teaching tool.

I’m happy to work with people at any level – as I do on films – but Skype doesn’t work well to try to teach acting in a general way.

For experienced professionals it is a way to summon help in a crisis, or get another view on a difficult problem, or for a role that has particular challenges. I can also be an experienced shoulder to lean on.

For students of acting it can be used to prepare an audition or hone sight reading or audition technique.


I have the ability to record and playback short scenes if required, I am 100% trustworthy if you wish to send a scene – and I never add the names of private students (as opposed to those I coach on films) to my list – unless by consent.

It’s not the perfect way to work – I’d rather be with you in person, or on the set, or in the rehearsal room or see you at a workshop – but it can still be a valuable resource.

Prices 2015: £75/$120/107 euros for 75 mins. £65 for drama school auditions (come prepared with several choice of scenes)

£20 extra to read full script. (scenes are fine to read beforehand within price & I’ll also supply hand-outs where appropriate)

Payment by Paypal ahead of session but refunded if poor connection. Cancellation 3 hrs – then rebooking. email:

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I am an acting coach, voice coach, actor and director.